custom home master bathDo you plan on selling your Huntsville home in the relatively near future? If so, you may be considering what type of upgrades or renovations to do now so you can get more for your home. One of the most popular renovations to complete is renovating the bathroom. It is quick, relatively inexpensive, and it provides a great room that you can use until you sell your home. One of the best things about a bathroom renovation is the fact that it can almost pay for itself, too.

Bathroom Renovations Give You a Better Return on Investment Than Most

The two rooms of your home that typically give you the best return on your investment upon selling are the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen can be quite a large undertaking, plus it can make living in your home at the same time inconvenient. If you go with a bathroom renovation, you can still use the bathroom while fixing it. Plus, it takes far less time, completing the project before it could cause too much trouble.

It may cost you a few hundred dollars to upgrade the faucet, perhaps the towel bars, and the shower head, but those simple things can improve the look of a bathroom when you are about to sell a home. However, if you still have time before the house goes up for sale, you may want to seriously consider renovating it top to bottom.

What You Can Do to Upgrade Your Huntsville Bathroom

You can start by looking at the tub. Is it still in good shape, or should it be replaced? If you should replace it, consider going with a whirlpool or jetted tub. These increase the sales price of your home, and are great ways of getting potential buyers to look at the home. Who doesn’t like a spa experience? If you only want a shower in the room, you can also remove the tub. Then, figure out what types of materials would be best around the shower or tub. You can go with tiles to give your bathroom a unique look, or you can go with something different like metal or stone. You can have a waterfall effect put in to give your shower something that helps it stand out even more!

Replacing your vanity for one that is totally user friendly is a good idea. The more user friendly you make that bathroom, the more of a focal point it becomes. Put in dual sinks if you have the space, and make sure the vanity has enough room to hold everything you would need it to hold. You want the bathroom to be able to be easily organized. If it is a chore to keep it looking nice, you aren’t as likely to do it, nor is a buyer going to want the hassle.

One thing that is often overlooked in bathroom renovations is seating. A lot of people would love a place to sit down in their bathroom other than on the top of the toilet. Consider adding in a chair. If you can, make it something that can hold stuff inside, like an ottoman. If this fits beneath your new vanity, even better! It gives the bathroom a complete and planned out appearance, which buyers like to see.

Upgrading the look and efficiency of your Huntsville bathroom is a great investment to make in your home. Give yourself the chance to live with a spa-like bathroom before you sell your home, then use the upgrades as a way to increase what you sell your home for.

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