custom home garden

Spending on a customized home garden is worth every penny. Not only will a gorgeous garden enhance the value of the home, but stepping outside the house and looking at the blooming flowers is sure to refresh your senses.

Designing a garden requires specific considerations. Whether you’re hiring a Huntsville custom homes contractor to work on your garden or doing it on your own, here are a few ideas you should consider.

1. Avoid Overpopulating the Garden

The most important garden design tip that you should remember is to avoid overpopulating the garden. Space plays a critical role in determining the attractiveness of a garden. The proper placement of plants, trees, and shrubs will make the garden appear spacious and avoid a messy look.

Another idea to make the garden appear bigger is through curves. Curves can make even a small garden look larger. The curves can be in a series of networks that are connected through garden plants or furniture.

Parallel curves in the garden can guide the eye in a fluid smooth motion. They give the impression that a garden is bigger by disguising the narrowness and giving it a wider appearance.

2. Low Maintenance Garden

A high maintenance garden is a headache for most homeowners. Homeowners generally feel overwhelmed if they have to maintain a garden that makes a lot of mess. Here are some ways you can minimize the mess and keep the garden low maintenance.

  • Remove messy shrubs from the garden. For example, you can remove shrubs that creep into the garden pathway.
  • Add perennial plants that don’t require frequent replacement. You should group the plants based on their watering requirements. You can talk to your community gardener to know more about different types of plants.
  • Install a water irrigation system that will water the plants and trees automatically for you.
  • Select quality hardscaping materials to give an appealing look to the garden. Make sure that you select quality pavers and stones that don’t require frequent maintenance and cleaning. The gravel pathways should also be contained with robust edging.

3. Create a Focal Point with Garden Structures

Creating a focal point with garden structures – pools, walls, sheds, and benches – can increase the overall appeal of the garden. You can also use salvaged materials like antique iron gates or barn wood to create a rustic pool. Moreover, you can also repurpose existing garden structure to create outdoor pavilion or patio.

Outdoor dining spaces are also ideal for creating a focal point. Your guests will love dining in a luxurious garden, surrounded by the wonderful smell of flowers.

To create the ultimate dining space in the garden, you should surround the space with the container and in-ground plants. Special lighting, flooring, and furniture are also recommended to create the best outdoor dining experience.

4. Add Life to Your Garden with Freakbana

Freakebana (pronounced “freak-eh-ba-na”) is the latest sensation in decorating the garden. The Japanese-style flora arrangement consists of arranging plants in intricate styles.

The most important element in creating Freakebana is selecting flowers that complement each other well. For instances, lily flowers and white hydrangeas are the best choices for the outdoor garden space.

You can create an even more appealing look by separating different flowers and placing them in their respective containers. Consider varying the size and shape of the vase for the best-deconstructed vignette effect.

The above are just some of the best garden design ideas. You can use the tips as an inspiration to create your own unique green space outside the house. Make sure that you seek professional Huntsville custom homes contractor to help you out in creating the perfect house garden.


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