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Are you planning to upgrade your home? You should consider modern Huntsville custom home renovation. Smart custom home renovation will help make your home more comfortable and functional. What’s more, it can boost home value resulting in a return on investment in the long run.

You can upgrade your home to embrace the latest advances in homebuilding. Here we will provide some tips for smart home upgrades.

1. Make Your Home Environmentally Efficient

You can make your home environmentally efficient through a zero net energy home design. The factors for a zero net energy home include flat topography, unobstructed sun, and plenty of sunshine. If your home meets these factors, you can ask your contractor to install solar roof panels.

Installing solar panels will allow you to eliminate your home’s carbon footprint. You will also be able to save hundreds of dollars in energy bills.

Another tip to make your home environmentally efficient is through proper insulation. You should insulate the attic and the crawl space. The walls and floors need to be insulated. Today, you can opt for such modern insulation methods such as unvarnished fiberglass cloth, galas epoxy sheet, and Hylam sheet.

R-value is used to measure degree of insulation for ceilings, floors, and walls. For cold climates, the recommended R-value is 60 for the ceiling, 40 for walls, and 38 for floors. In warmer climates, you should select insulation materials with R-value of 30 for ceilings and 19 for walls and floors.

Effective insulation will help reduce the need for air conditioning and heating. Less energy will be required to keep your home comfortable, which will result in a smaller carbon footprint and saving on energy bills.

2. Smart Security

Consider Automation of home security during the next renovation project. You should ask the contractor to add spaces for installing perimeter cameras, doorbell cameras, and indoor cameras. The security cameras should be minimally invasive. Have the security cameras discretely blend with the surroundings to avoid making your visitors feel uncomfortable.

Smart locks are also a recommended option for doors. You can lock smart locks using your mobile phone from anywhere. These locks eliminate the need for making multiple copies of the key.

Lastly, you should consider installing sensors that can alert you of an emergency. Glass breaks sensors can sound an alarm when someone tries to break in through the windows. Motions sensors can alert you of unauthorized movement inside the house. The devices should also have the feature of alerting proper authorities in case of an emergency.

3. Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system can lead to improved convenience at home. You can have the custom contractor install a central unit for vacuum points around the house. The points can be in the garage, living room, kitchen, attic, and under the stairs.

You can simply plug the vacuum cleaner hose at the required spot and clean the place. Installing a central vacuum system can help reduce dirt inside the house. This is particularly helpful for those with respiration illnesses.

4. Smart Bathtub

You can install the Archer VibrAcoustic to upgrade the house entertainment system. The bathtub acts as a speaker when bathing. Just fill up the tub and the music projected through the blue tooth speaker will ripple through the waves. You can select programmed mixes or select your own music library.

You can future-proof your home by following the modern home renovation tips mentioned in the blog post. The above Huntsville custom home renovation tips will allow you to upgrade your home without breaking the bank. Contact your custom home builder in Huntsville today for modern home renovation.


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