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A well-designed patio space can make the outdoor living space in your home a lot more comfortable. For any major changes that you need to make to your patio, Cardinal Custom Enterprises recommends working with a professional contractor. This will ensure any major changes made comply with the city codes and it is done properly. If you are trying to think of a way to spruce up your home by redesigning your patio, you’re in luck.

We at Cardinal Custom Enterprises have put together some really great patio design tips that can give you a good idea of what you can do in your own home.

1.   Use The Architecture

One of the simplest patio design tips is to make use of your home’s architecture to guide you. Sometimes, handsome shutters or a very brightly colored door towards your patio can make a great visual addition. You do not have to do much to the patio itself, just play with the architecture and it can make huge difference.

2.   Perhaps Install A Lattice?

Another great patio design tip that we at Cardinal Custom Enterprises recommend is installing something like a lattice that can serve as ladders to vines. Adding plants to your patio is amazing in itself. Having a lattice for vines will enhance the overall beauty of your patio. It is ideal to go for the plants that offer good contrast in colors when their flowers blossom.

3.   In With The Old…

Vintage patios never go out of fashion. That is why one of the patio design tips we have for you is to add a little character to your outdoor living space by introducing some vintage furniture. It is not even going to cost you too much. There are a lot of flea markets and antique shops that offer some nifty looking vintage patio furniture.

All you will have to do is sand it and give it a couple of coats of paint to your liking and it is good to go. Vintage looks are a particular favorite with Cardinal Custom Enterprises. You can even get pretty good deals for refurbished vintage furniture on eBay.

4.   Go For A Simple Festive Look

If there is one great patio design tip that is as easy as it can get, it is using string lights. It is all just a matter of heading on over to the store, buying the string lights and then installing them in the patio before turning them on. You get an amazing and effective patio design enhancement with a little festive flavor. In addition to the other tips, using string lights will definitely put the cherry on top.

5.   Vertical Climbers Are A Blessing

When it comes to great patio design tips, we think that nothing can beat the addition of a vertical garden on the wall. Imagine the thick evergreen vines covering the wall. It will automatically soften the appearance of the whole patio and it is not even expensive. At less than $20 a plant, it is a very affordable option to go for as well.

Final Thoughts

These great patio design tips are very easy to manage and do not require too much investment. If you are looking for major remodeling for your patio to completely change the way it looks, you can always contact Cardinal Custom Enterprises. We are a custom home building company that can cater to all your needs for a great patio and more. If you want to build the home of your dreams, we are the people for it.


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