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A garage is an important part of the home, and it is often overlooked while designing Huntsville custom homes. The fact is that a garage should more than just a place to store the car. The space can serve as an aesthetically-pleasing design element.

Here, we have presented different garage design ideas that will serve as an inspiration for your garage remodeling project.

1. Right Flooring

Most garages have cement flooring. However, the traditional flooring not only feels drab and dull, but it is also easily stained. Consider epoxy flooring for the garage since it is abrasion and stain-resistant and will add beauty and color to the concrete flooring.

Epoxy floors can withstand automobile damage, including stains, cracking, and peeling. The flooring can resist damage from hot tires making it the best choice for a garage. Just make sure that the flooring is installed by a professional and experienced Huntsville custom homes contractor.

2. Ample Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked during garage renovation projects. You need ample light work in the garage to ensure that you don’t make costly mistakes when working on your car. Moreover, adequate diffused lighting will make your garage appear brighter and livelier.

Consider a hanging LED light that can be mounted on the ceiling. Hanging lights have chains that you can adjust to the desired height. Also, you should consider an LED light with brightness of at least 4000 lumens and a temperature of 5000K, which will appear bright similar to daylight.

3. Storage Space

You will have to store a large number of tools in the garage including fluids, tools, and other stuff. To avoid your garage looking like a mess, you should consider storage space to hold the tools.

Installing cupboards is an efficient way to organize the tools that won’t take lots of space. You should add shelves with simple hooks on the walls to store and organize tools. Moreover, pegboard is a great option to organize tools as it works well for both small and large garages.

4. Build Cavity Walls

You should also consider building cavity walls, since the cost won’t be significant. The main benefit of cavity walls instead of a single skill wall is that it will protect the garage from wind and water damage. The cavity walls can make the garage watertight and prevent wind damage.

For added protection, you can insulate the walls using beads or pumped foam. This can be added later to keep the cost of garage renovation low.

5. Dethatched Garage

A detached garage is an option if you live in a large mansion. This is the preferred option if you intend to use the garage as a workshop for maintaining vintage cars. The option is also great for storing a boat in the garage.

For a detached garage, you should consider a garage with gable style roofs. The garage design is particularly ideal for areas that receive a lot of rain and snow. The slope of the garage will prevent water and ice pooling on the roof, thereby preventing roof damage.

6. Carports

Carports are often overlooked when it comes to Huntsville custom homes garage design. This can be an attractive addition to the house, increasing its resale value. These carports can act as a buffer between the house and the garage. Building a carport will provide shelter during rain and snow, allowing you to easily move between the garage and house without getting wet.

The above are some of the most useful tips for a custom home renovation project. Make sure that you get in touch with an experienced Huntsville constructor when renovating the garage. An experienced constructor will save you lots of money and headache as compared to a cheap new contractor.


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