custom attic renovation

One of the best ways to add space and value to your home is by converting an unused attic. You can transform your attic to increase the real estate by hiring a professional custom home builder in Huntsville.

Successful attic renovation requires careful planning. In this blog post, you will find some inspirational ideas for remodeling the attic.

1. Create a Creativity Room

You can convert your attic to serve as a creativity room where you can work on your hobbies. Minor attic renovation can turn the dark attic space into a place you can enjoy your daily activities.

Consider installing a large lighting fixture at the center of the attic. To save costs, you should buy LED lighting fixtures. Apart from central lighting fixture, you can install additional small lighting to illuminate the corners and make space look less cramped.

2. Additional Bedroom

Another great attic renovation idea is to convert it into a bedroom. An extra bedroom will add to the house value. To make the room appear large, you should go for light-color paint and furniture. In addition, you should add insulation and carpets to reduce noise.

3. Home Office

Creating a home office is also a bright idea for attic renovation. A home office in the attic with a window can be a peaceful getaway inside the house where you can work without any disturbance. You should complement the home office with plenty of storage options including cupboards and mobile storage cabinets.

4. Entertainment Area

You can also convert the attic to an entertainment area. Consider installing an HDTV, karaoke, and other entertainment items. The attic area is notorious for excessive temperatures. So, make sure to install a portable air conditioner and heater.

You should also consider insulating the area so that the attic does not become too hot or cold during summers and winters. Adding insulation will prevent rapid heat loss and save you on energy bills.

5. Fitness Center

A great attic renovation idea is to create a fitness center. You should consider adding gym equipment in the room. To keep up the motivation for exercise, you should consider adding a karaoke bar and HDTV in the gym area. Make sure that you ask the custom home builder in Huntsville, AL to add an attached shower area in the attic.

6. Know the Building Codes for Attic Renovation

Before commencing with any attic renovation, you should get aware of the building codes. There are a lot of codes you need to follow from minimum ceiling height to floor space. The regulations can be a deal-breaker when it comes to renovating the attic.

To meet the building code, you need to make sure that there is enough and right kind of space for attic renovation. The minimum floor space is 70 square feet for attic renovation. Moreover, there should be at least 7 feet of floor space. For instance, the attic space can be 7’ x 8’, but it cannot be 4’x15’. Meeting this code is important to avoid potentially dangerous spaces.

Lastly, the ceiling height should be at least 7.5 feet. This is important to ensure that the occupants have sufficient space to stand up.


An attic conversion can be one of the most effective options to make use of unutilized space. Depending on the building code restraints, an attic conversion can be one of the most cost-effective ways to improve home’s value. Make sure that you hire an experienced Huntsville custom homes builder for your attic conversion. Take time to discuss the options with the contractor to make the best decision for attic conversion.

We love to hear your story about your attic renovation project and how it went, use the space below to let us know.


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