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Improving homes energy efficiency will provide dual benefits. The first benefit is of course you will be save energy costs. The second benefit is the peace of mind in knowing that you are playing your part in reducing carbon footprint.

The blog post will inform you about six Huntsville custom home renovation tips to improve energy efficiency of your house.

1. Install Energy Efficient Windows

Older windows are not energy efficient. A lot of energy is lost through the windows that spike up the energy bills. Consider installing the latest double- or triple-glazed windows. These energy-efficient windows offer the best protection against loss of energy.

Newer window models also reflect UV rays. Installing the windows will lead to improved energy efficiency and health. You should definitely consider replacing your windows if the seals are cracked and condensation tends to form between panes.

2. Insulate Your Attic

Adding a layer of insulation in the attic can also lead to improved energy efficiency. You should consider insulating the attic with a material that is suitable for the climate. Adding insulation to the attic will keep the house warm during winters and cool during summers.

3. Roof Repair or Replacement

The damaged roof allows cool or warm air to escape from the house. You should consider replacing an old damaged roof. Getting a new roof will restore the energy efficiency of the roof.

Don’t have a budget for roof replacement? Ask your contractor for a roof coating. Some roofs can be coated that make the surface reflective keeping the heat out. This will lead to increased energy efficiency, particularly during the summers.

4. Insulate the Basement

Insulating the basement can also improve the energy efficiency of the house. You should consider insulating the basement in case the draft comes from the floor level. A poorly sealed basement can result in an uneven temperature inside the house.

Apart from increasing energy efficiency, insulating the basement can also prevent pest infestation. An unsealed crawl space or basement becomes the main target for pests like mice, ants, and termites. Insulating the sill plate in the basement with caulk or spray foams can block entry of the air and pests.

Moreover, the entry space of ducts, wires, utility pipes, and appliance vents should also be caulked to prevent a leak. Sealing the vents can also prevent rot and mold problems that can be costly to remedy.

5. Install Energy-Efficient Fixtures

A good idea to save costs and reducing the carbon footprint is installing homes’ plumbing fixtures. Replacing CFL bulbs with LED lights can result in significant savings in energy costs. Investing in more energy-efficient fixtures can result in improved energy savings.

6. Install Solar Roofs

One of the best ways to save money and reduce carbon footprint is by investing in a solar roof. Investing in solar roof is a big investment. But the energy savings and the fact that you are doing good for the environment make this investment worth it.

Different companies offer solar roof solutions. The solar roofs can be installed directly on the roof similar to a roof tile. The great thing about the solar roof is that it requires minimum maintenance. The only maintenance you may be required to do is topping up the solar roof battery with water and cleaning the roof panels when dusty.

Always go for a reliable and experienced contractor instead of a cheap and new one. An expert custom home builder in Huntsville will make sure that everything is done as per the local building code in a professional manner. Hiring an experienced contractor will save you a lot of headaches and cost in the long run.


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