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Budget is an important consideration when it comes to home construction. A lot of people have the wrong assumption that Huntsville custom home projects are too costly. They believe that it’s not possible to build custom homes on a budget.

But the fact is you can build your dream custom home while still sticking to your budget.

In this blog post, you will learn about some tips to build a custom home that meets your personal aesthetic and functional need while keeping the budget as low as possible.

1. Consider an Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is recommended if you want to minimize custom home cost. An open floor plan allows you to use extra space in different ways. For example, you can use the space for both meal prep and dining. In addition, you can use the added space for living and studying.

Apart from saving costs, an open space will not feel like cramped. This is particularly important for houses that are less than 1000 square feet. An open space in a small house will make it feel more spacious and pleasant.

2. Select the Right Roof

A few roofing options are costlier as compared to others. The basic pitched roof is less costly as compared to gables as they require fewer materials and time to build. Selecting a simple roof will save you cash that you can spend on improving other areas of the house such as the kitchen, living room, and the bathroom.

3. Stick to the Plan

One of the most common reasons for projects exceeding the budget is late design changes.

To avoid cost overruns, you should pick a design PRIOR to the start of the construction. And stick to the choice. This is important since the materials are bought at the price that was quoted at the start of the project.

Most constructors quote a price based on the material price at the time of the project. If you have a change of mind regarding the house design, you have to foot the bill for any increase in material prices.

4. Avoid the Upgrade Trap

A lot of homeowners fall into the ‘upgrade trap’ when midway in the construction project. You may think it’s only $200 so we might go for the upgrade. However, the small upgrades when added up can turn into a major headache due to cost overruns.

5. Consider Sourcing Own Material

Ask the contractor if you can source your own material. This can be less costly in some cases. But you should research prior to taking this path. Research about the prices of paint, lumber, and other items and find out whether you could save money by sourcing materials yourself.

6. Account for Unexpected Expenses

A lot of times people tend to go above the budget because they fail to account for emergency expenses. Unpredictable costs due to project delays or additions are inevitable. You need to account for the costs when creating a budget.

You need to budget for unforeseen costs that may arise as your requirements change when the project progresses. This will ensure that the project gets completed within the amount that you have set aside for the custom home project.

The above tips will help you build the perfect custom home without going over the budget.

Always choose a reliable builder and ask about all the costs upfront. In addition, you should select an experienced builder who has the required skills and experience to complete the project as per your specifications at the least possible cost.

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