home theater roomDo you want to get the most out of your custom home? Then you need to speak with an experienced Huntsville custom home builder about adding a theater room to your home. It allows you to not only enjoy a quiet evening at home with the family, but also entertain others now and again. You can enjoy the room for movies, gaming, music, or even just a TV marathon. It is a great way to unwind at the end of the day, plus it allows you to have even more excuses about why you should invite people over.

What You Want in a New Custom Theater Room

You need to think about what you would be doing most in your theater room before you decide how to build it. Would it typically be just 2-4 people, or would you have people over regularly? If you plan on having guests on a regular basis, then you need to make sure you have enough seating. It may be wise to have tiered seating in a room like this since that way, you can fit more seats in a confined space.

You also want to have a full surround sound stereo system installed in your custom theater room. These bring whatever is on the screen to life. You will have a few different sets of speakers for this. There is one in front, by the screen. Two in front on the sides which create the sounds of whatever is going on in the room. Then, you will either have two or four more speakers you add to the room, depending on its size. You can do two speakers that sit behind the seating area for ambient noises, or you can have two on the sides in the back, and two against the back wall. The way you have it set up is up to you. However, it is ideal to have these speakers installed into the wall or the ceiling so you do not have cords hanging all around. The best time to do that installation is when the room is being put together.

Then, you need some type of a screen. You can always go with a big television, as this is the norm. You can mount it to the wall and have a very minimalistic look. Or, you have the option of having a drop-down projector screen. These screens come in all sizes, and work really well for theater rooms since you can keep them up when not in use to avoid breaking them. If you do go with the screen, make sure you get a projector that fits its size. If you want it to work with gaming systems, make sure it has all of the right connections before you buy, too.

Other Features of the Room

You will need specific lighting to go into your custom theater room. You will want areas to sit illuminated, but you will want adjustable lighting up near the screen. That way, you can dim the lights around the screen when you are watching, and increase how bright they are only when necessary. You should also have shelves to hold each of the components that need to remain out. Beyond that, how you set up your custom theater room is totally up to you.

By turning to experienced Huntsville custom home builder, you get the room you want, plus the quality of work you deserve. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you want. It is our pleasure to make your dream into a reality.

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