storage ideaIf you are paying to have your Huntsville home customized, then you may want to think about all of the clever little things you can add in now, rather than need to add down the line. It costs far less money to put it in when building the home, than it does after the home is built. Renovations are often more costly due to the fact that more of the home needs to be disrupted to add in the changes than when a home is being built in the first place. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider now that you have the opportunity to add them into the building plans.

Think About How Each Room May Change

You likely have an idea how you want each room set up in your head now, but is it going to stay that way forever? The chances are, that will not be the case. So, make future room changes more possible. Make sure to add in lots of electrical outlets, but that is not all. You want to add in outlets that have built-in USB ports, and you want lots of cable and coax junctions in rooms you expect to be connected to a cable network. Make any room configuration you plan on having possible, by adding those simple fixes in now.

Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner

Would your kitchen be easier with direct access to the garbage? Most people who use the kitchen regularly would say yes. By adding in an area where you can push garbage right into the can, you can make your life easier. Consider a flap that leads directly to your garbage can outside, or even a circular cutting board that covers your kitchen garbage can where you can put your trash right in. When you have trash to throw out, you open the lid, put the trash in, and go. It makes it much easier to keep your kitchen flowing!

No More Piles of Dirty Laundry

What about having your washer and dryer in your closet, or a room connected to your closet? That would allow you to wear your clothes, put them right into the washer, and easily put them away the instant they are done. It keeps your clothes from piling up, and gives you an area for your laundry room that is totally out of sight when you have guests over.

Office Without Losing a Room

Do you have the need for a desk, but not a large enough need to devote an entire room to an office? If so, why not set up a closet as your office? You open the door, sit down, and use your desk when necessary. When you do not need the desk space, you simply close the door and walk away. It is built in, and has all of the connections you would need for lights and a computer already built in. You just use it and go when the need comes up, and forget about it when you don’t need it anymore.

One More Clever Storage Idea

One area of the home that is easy to include more storage, but is only realistically able to be converted when your home is being built, is with your baseboards. Adding in baseboard drawers for storage is a great idea. However, it is really difficult to pull out baseboards after your home is already situated. Ask your custom home builder about adding them in now, and see just how many drawers you can add to each room as they get built.

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