a garageA lot of people forget about the garage when they go through and customize their homes. A garage is far more than a box to protect your car from the weather – although it does that, too. Your garage is an extension of your home. It tells a lot about who you are and what you like. Plus, it allows you to have an area that you can keep organized to help you when something in or around your home needs fixing. Here are a few things you may want to consider adding into your garage when you begin your next home customization project.

Garages Need Shelves

There are no two ways about it – garages need to have shelves. There are so many things that get stored in a garage that, without shelves, you will lose things all the time. You can have small shelves for things like shoes and boots, or larger shelves for things like totes of holiday decorations. It is easy to store things that would be used outside on the shelves of a garage. Set them up around the perimeter of your garage, or have an extra place dedicated to just holding shelves and storing the things you do not want to store inside your home.

Tool Stations Help Keep Everything Organized

If you happen to live with someone that is passionate about tools, then you definitely need to have tool stations installed. Have one area dedicated to all of the hand tools, including peg boards and drawers to store little nuts and bolts in. Then, have another area for all of the power tools. The more tools you have, the larger these areas should be. Between the two stations, you should store things like saw horses, rolling tool boxes, and buckets that you use when using any of the stored tools. That way, everything is all together and organized where you need it.

A Hose and Drain Make Cleaning Up Much Easier

One of the things that often gets overlooked when it comes to customizing a garage is having an area where you can hook up a hose and rinse the garage down. This lets you get rid of sawdust, debris that blew in when the door was open, and anything else you may have spilled outside. Then, have a drain installed at the lowest point of your garage, and get that connected to the sewer. Whenever you need to spray down your garage, you have somewhere for the water to go that way.

Your Garage Is Also an Extension of Your Home

With this being the case, you can also set up your garage to be a comfortable place to get some fresh air. Take part of your garage and put some comfortable furniture in it. You can choose between older, indoor furniture that still looks great and has life left in it, or you can even go with outdoor furniture to give your garage furniture extra protection. Just get an outdoor rug, set it down, and put a few comfortable pieces of furniture around. Then, nice days, you can sit outside, while still being protected from the elements.

Customizing your home does not mean that you should forget the garage. It is an important part of your home that you typically use on a daily basis. Most people overlook their garage during home customization projects. Show off your personal style by creating the perfect garage for everything you and your family need. Make your garage a place you like to spend time in, instead of a place you just walk through when going to your car.

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