“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love brought together under one roof.”

When it comes to building a home from the ground up, there are a number of options available. It allows you to be more creative and flex your innovative muscles a lot. While selecting the features and accessories for your home is entirely up to you, we believe we have some suggestions that you would want to consider. These are trends that Huntsville custom homes have seen over the years and continue to witness in the coming years.

Customizable floor plans

The love for spacious rooms has grown immensely over the years. While this is no issue in a large home, smaller homes are witnessing the rise of flexible floor plans. Collapsible walls, large portrait windows and other accessories allow bedrooms to become living rooms, mancaves, entertainment areas or simple large room for all the family members to gather and make memories.

More open spaces

Open spaces can refer to rooms that are built outdoors or are designed to be in touch with nature and its elements. This is a trend that has seen immense popularity over the years because people are returning to the way their ancestors lived, and nature somehow helps them feel refreshed. Open air kitchens, roof top gardens, recreational spaces etc. are all being created in a way that they are either located completely or partially outdoors.

This concept is being witnessed the most in kitchens. Nowadays kitchens are becoming the hub of family gatherings after the entire day and therefore people are focusing on creating such ambiance here that everyone can recalibrate their minds and feel fresh and lively.

Naturally lit areas

Natural light is another trend that is picking up quite rapidly. As opposed to artificial lighting, sunlight pouring in is the new great thing. People are asking designers and architects to design large picturesque windows, verandas and ceilings that let sunlight enter and brighten the inside of the home. It gives an amazing ambiance to the entire home and allows a fresher perspective on the furniture and any decorations that are placed inside the house.

A spacious master suite

Master bedrooms and adjacent bathrooms are becoming more and more lavish every day. Even with small spaces people are choosing to add luxurious touches like king sized beds and large windows. Designers are also receiving requests to increase the size of master bedrooms in houses. Not only the rooms but the bathrooms are also becoming huge. People have started to consider their bedrooms as a place of zen and peace. A spacious room or bathroom provides a relaxed feeling and gives a hint at freedom. This results in people feeling more comfortable here.

Storage and power outlets

This is a trend that has more to do with the technological aspects of our lives. Cabinets and drawers are evolving from traditional styles to more elaborate ones like deep space drawers and sliding cabinets etc. Moreover, they are now being fitted with power outlets for people to charge their electronic devices or connect them conveniently. Power outlets have begun featuring USB ports and they are also being introduced on both sides of the bed to allow both you and your partner to plug your devices easily.

There is a lot more that is happening in Huntsville custom homes and it is always beneficial to keep tabs on these developments because you never know what you might find. After all your home is a lifetime investment that must be perfect.


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