fireplace trends for Huntsville custom homes


A fireplace is one of those essentials that enhance the aesthetics of a house manifold. Not only does it give a warm and cozy ambiance to the house but it also provides the family with a place to sit down and enjoy moments of leisure every day. Another added benefit of a fireplace is that it has a profound impact on the resale value of a house.

For Huntsville custom homes, fireplaces are increasingly growing in popularity because customers feel that a house is somehow incomplete without a fireplace. They are right because it is quite difficult to picture a dream home without a fireplace in the living room. Especially when building a house from the ground up, why wouldn’t you opt for that mesmerizing accessory in it?

If you’re searching for fireplace ideas for your Huntsville custom home, here are a few ideas that are trending in the market as we speak:

1.    Enlarged Portrait Fireplaces

Getting inspiration from luxury villas showcased on social media, portrait fireplaces that cover large portions of a wall are growing in popularity every day. Both electric and gas fireplaces are being used inside living rooms and placed behind huge portrait windows, they give an enchanting look to the house.

The size of the fireplace that you want to place depends on the size of the house but the great thing is that these fireplaces are easily available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This means that you can easily choose the ones that suit your tastes the best.

2.    Giving new dimensions

Another trend that has emerged in recent years is placing fireplaces in ways that were never envisioned before. A prime example is that of corner fireplaces which were famous back in the 70s and 80s. However, architects and designers are beginning to introduce this concept again due to popular demand by consumers.

These fireplaces are now frameless and available in two-sided and three-sided perspectives. They provide quite an amazing touch to open area living spaces by creating an ambiance that feels expanded.

3.    Outdoor fireplaces

The concept of outdoor patches in Huntsville custom homes has also witnessed a rise and will continue to hold strong in the years to come. Customers are requesting designers to incorporate more outdoor rooms and areas in their custom homes because being in-touch with nature is coming back in trend. Kitchens, terraces, gardens and now fireplaces are being placed outdoors so that home owners can relax amongst the freshness of natural elements.

4.    Bed and bath fireplaces

Fireplaces are also moving out of living rooms and finding placement in other rooms across the house. Designers are now installing fireplaces in not only bedrooms but bathrooms as well. A fireplace has a fascinating aura around it that seems extremely attractive and especially with the options of glass barriers and electric fires, the somewhat annoying smoke factors have been eliminated leaving only a great accessory for your house that can easily be fitted in any room. Customers have also shown substantial interest in bathroom fireplaces that are perched behind bathtubs to complete a relaxing sensation after a long day at work.

Fireplaces have been a part of homes for centuries and they continue to provide the same luxury and soothing experience that they did years ago. The latest trends help you understand what people around the world are opting for in their homes so that when you start building your own, you know exactly what you need.