free standing coffee barAre you looking for things to do to upgrade your kitchen? There are plenty of ideas out there, so narrowing one down may be difficult. Some people want better flow, while others seek out more storage. However, sometimes, you want something truly different. You want something fun that is going to make your kitchen different than those around you. If that is what you are looking for, then here are two fun ideas that will entertain you and your guests for a long time. Plus, these ideas to upgrade your Huntsville kitchen are practical, too!

What Would You Do with Your Own Coffee Bar?

How many times have you gone out and spent far too much money having someone make you a specialty coffee, only to find out they made it wrong? It is sometimes easy to go back to fix it, but what a hassle! Instead of spending too much money (not including the gas to get there) or dealing with all that hassle, why not have one added into your kitchen? One of the most entertaining ways to upgrade your Huntsville kitchen is to have a coffee bar added.

You can add in an espresso maker, cappuccino machine, hot steam frother, a mini-fridge for your creamer collection, and so much more. Make a station in your kitchen that provides you with everything you need in one area. It should have a water hookup to make making the coffee easier, plus storage for all of the spoons, mugs, and coffee that you can think of. Then, invite people over and play barista to try out different flavor combinations! It is much less of a hassle to remake your own than it is to go back into a crazy store and deal with the line all over again.

Do You Prefer Baking? Then Why Not Add In a Brick Oven?

When you think of Old World Italy, one of the pictures that likely comes to mind is an old brick oven. They are great for making pizzas, but even better for making crusty breads and focaccia. For those who like to bake, this is a great investment to make. This upgrade allows you to make things that would otherwise be reserved for a professional bakery or top-notch pizza parlor. You can have this added directly into your Huntsville kitchen, or if you think it may get too warm in the house, you can also have this custom added to the yard or patio in your backyard. That way, when you use it, the heat stays outside instead of you needing to crank up the air conditioner.

Brick ovens do not need to be massive. However, they are not as small as a traditional oven is, either. You will need a bit of space to add it in, but it will give you a lot of baking freedom that you may otherwise have missed out on. So, the next time you are in the mood to have people over, you can call them and invite them to come over for a pizza party and enjoy making your own pizzas from scratch!

Just because you want to upgrade your Huntsville kitchen, does not mean it has to be boring. While you may appreciate more storage, having fun in your kitchen is important, too. Treat yourself to a new fun item to have around the house. It can give your home a great appeal that it may have lost and make it to where you like spending time in it all over again.

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