lady in a spaWouldn’t it be divine if you had your Huntsville custom home builders build you a spa? You could do it. Your home could contain the ideal spa in any of the bathrooms in your new or renovated home. It does not take a lot to change the plans for a bathroom to include a few amenities before the renovations or build have gotten to that specific room, so why not? Consider some of the things that would help you feel less stressed out and calmer, then see if they can be added into your dream home.

Start with the Floors

When you walk into your bathroom, the last thing you want is to jump around because the floors are freezing. Instead, have the flooring heated before it is even installed. There are several ways of adding a heating element to the floors in your bathroom. The systems work with a wide variety of flooring materials, too, giving you the option of picking the perfect flooring for the spa of your dreams. You can go with engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, and even stone floors. Pick what looks best to you, then smile knowing you will no longer freeze your toes whenever you step out of the shower.

What About the Shower?

There are several relaxing options you can use for your spa shower. Do you want a waterfall as your water source? It can be done. Perhaps you would rather have a steam shower to get clean. That is an option you can consider as well. Many people in today’s market are opting to have vertical shower heads installed so they can point them anywhere they want or need for the exact perfect shower experience. This involves one overhead shower head, plus several smaller shower heads that are lined up vertically to help reach all of the sorest places on your back where you may not be able to reach on your own.

Soaking Tubs Are Another Great Spa Option

Would you be able to enjoy a relaxing bath if it was longer and deeper than a traditional bathtub? That may be the best option when it comes to giving you the experience you were hoping to get. You can find several types and styles of tubs, depending on your wants and needs. Some of the tubs even include the ability for more than one person to relax in them at the same time. Some have jets so you can have a whirlpool experience, where others do not. It is really up to what would make you feel best.

Don’t Forget the Ambiance

When creating the spa of your dreams, make sure you include the ambiance as well. What would be better than having the relaxing music you love most coming through waterproof speakers in your new spa? You can have waterproof controls added to your shower or your tub so you can adjust the volume, change music genres, or even turn the music off if you want a calming, quiet experience. The lighting is also a consideration to make. Do you like having all one color or brightness of lights, or are there times where altering that could help? If you want to have different colored lights, now is the time to figure out where you want them and the colors you would prefer. If you want to dim the lights with a switch, or even as part of an automated experience, this is the time to find out what options you have.

Call us and let us help you create the spa of your dreams. We are the Huntsville custom home builder that can make your dreams come true.

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