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The US is a pet-loving nation. The love of pets is reflected from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics report that there are more than 218 million pets in the country. Increasing numbers of pet owners are designing pet-friendly Huntsville custom homes.

Pets need their own space to relax and rest after jumping around all day in the backyard. Whether it’s just a small crate at the corner of a room or an additional room for the pet, you need to focus on your pet’s needs when designing a custom home.

In this blog post, you will learn about five pet-friendly custom home design tips for your beloved furry creature.

1. Create a Pet Room

You can create a simple transitional mudroom for your favorite pet by placing a bench and hooks in the utility room. If you extra space in your house, you can also create a full-fledged space for your pet complete with cabinets for food, toys, treats, shower, and grooming items. In addition, you can create a sink in the pet room to clean water and food bowls separately apart from house dishes.

Make sure that your pet feels welcome in the new pet room. Your pet will love to sit in a perch in the room. Consider placing a pet bed up the loft that matches with the interior house decor. In addition, you can create a platform to give your pet a favorite spot in the room. And of course, your pet would love to view the back yard, so you should create a wide window ledge in the pet room that faces the lawn or a view of the birdfeeder will be perfect for your feline pal.

2. Wash Station in the Mudroom

Another great custom-home design tip for the pets is to create a pet washing station in the mudroom. This is the ideal place since you can wash the pet that needs a rinse when it enters the room from the outside. You don’t have to walk the pet all the way to the bathroom dirtying the floors along the way.

The wash station should include a shower area with proper drainage, and a showerhead. You can use the room to wash and rinse the pet before being allowed inside the house.

3. Mount Bowls in the Kitchen

You can create a raised space in the kitchen so that the food bowl of the pet would be above and not underfoot. The best place for the raised space is away from the work triangle in the kitchen at the end of the cabinet run. This will ensure that the bowls are out of the way of the kitchen traffic.

4. Think About the Backyard

The pet-friendly Huntsville home design should extend beyond the rooms to the backyard. You can create a pet-friendly place by using pea gravel for paths. Pea gravel serves as a gentle hard cape that is easy on the paws.

For planting beds, you should consider adding a border of stones or elevate them to dissuade your pet from running through them. Before planting in the yard, you should always check with the ASPCA or the Humane Society to know about toxic foliage and flower that are dangerous for the pets.

5. Don’t Forget the Little Things

Creating a pet-friendly custom home design requires considering all the ways you can make your house humble heaven for your pet. Consider installing radiant heat systems under floors that will keep you and your pets warm during winter.

In addition, you can also add a ramp outside the entryway that will serve the needs of not just older family members, but also older pets in the home. You should also consider adding a grooming table where you can groom the pet.

Take time to think about ways you can make your house more pet-friendly. The effort and time in making your place more pleasant for your pet pal will definitely be worth it in the end, and you will also have fun along the way.


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