patio pleasureDo you have the home of your dreams, but the outside of your home leaves a little something to be desired? If so, then turning to a Huntsville Custom Home designer may be the best option you have. You can get a home plus a yard that you love spending time in, with just an outline of your yard and some imagination. If you want some outdoor inspiration, here are just a few things that you can do that could spruce up your backyard.

Want a Water Element? Consider a Backyard Fountain

If you want some type of an element that contains water in your backyard, but you aren’t in the mood to maintain a pool, you may want to consider adding a fountain. This may sound very simplistic, but it can be as minimal or extravagant as you want. It can be a small garden surrounding a fountain to give you a nice seating area to relax in. You can go larger and create a fountain with a circle of benches around it for many people to sit at and enjoy. You can also opt for grandiose and have a fountain, seating area, patio, pergola over the top of the seats, and flowers all around to attract birds, butterflies, and other forms of nature. Have a different idea? Bring it to your Huntsville custom builder’s attention and watch them bring it to life.

Not in the Mood for Water, but Want Something Unique? Consider Fire!

Some don’t want water out in the yard because it often increases the number of bugs outside. If you fall into that group, the consider a fire element instead. Let a custom home designer help create the perfect fire pit area in your backyard. This gives you something to do with the family in the evenings when TV is just not an option. You can entertain well into the night if you have a fire pit as the focal point of your backyard. Let your designer figure out what the best place is in your backyard so it won’t start anything nearby on fire, then change up the yard to suit your needs. Make sure you include plenty of seating, a place to hold items to put the fire out at the end of the night, and if you plan on entertaining regularly, you may want to consider outdoor appliances, like a refrigerator to hold ice-cold drinks for you and your guests!

Bring the Neighborhood Together by Installing Your Own Outdoor Theater

If you want to be the talk of the town, consider having your own outdoor theater screen installed. You can have just the screen installed, or you can have an entire entertainment area created. Want people to be able to bring chairs and enjoy? Then have a patio or a cement slab created the right distance away from the screen for optimal viewing. Would you prefer they sit in your seats? Then have your custom home builder put in theater seating around your yard where people can sit and enjoy anything that you choose to put on the screen that night.

When you want an outdoor living space that you can repeatedly enjoy, then talk with your Huntsville custom home builder about what it is you dream about. Tell them the nuances of what makes the space so workable and inviting to you. Explain what you want the space to function as, and listen to their advice. While you may have just a starting point, their experience likely gives them the perspective you need to fill in all of the blanks.