outdoor fireplaceWhether you are building a new Huntsville custom home, or having an older home remodeled, it is important to consider the modern benefits that your home could have. Yes, you want some traditional things in your home, that is what makes the home feel homey. However, you also want some modern conveniences. It is best to add these modern amenities in now rather than try to add them in down the line. While you are already in the building or remodeling process, consider some of these options that could bring your home up to an even more luxurious level than you already had planned.

Start with the Outside of Your Huntsville Custom Home

There are many amenities that can modernize the outside of your Huntsville custom home. Let’s start with the roof of your home. Is there a view you are trying to capture from your home? Then why not consider adding a small terrace to the roof of your home where you can go out and sit to watch the sunrise or sunset? It is a modern convenience, but it is also a great way to add usable space to your Huntsville custom home.

Would you prefer a minimalistic approach to the architecture? If so, then one of the better ways of approaching this is through the use of steel during construction. You can get fine, long lines when you use steel since it can hold a greater load than if you were to use other materials in many cases. Talk to your custom home builder in Huntsville if you want to add some longer details into your home now, so if necessary, they can change the design without affecting the build.

Moving On to the Inside of Your Huntsville Custom Home

One of the more modern materials that you may want to consider adding more of to your home is glass. You see it in big, modern buildings all over the place. However, it is less likely to be used like that in home building. If you want a modern look, this is a great way to achieve it. You can use many different types of glass throughout your custom home. If you want a touch of traditional plus modern, have a partial wall built of glass blocks. If you want to go fully modern, why not add a retractable wall fully made of glass panels? Think about how this would look leading out to a patio for entertaining! Your guests would be amazed and your home would be the place everyone would want to come for all get-togethers.

Sliding elements are another way of adding a modern feel to any room in your custom Huntsville home. Add a sliding door to cover a bathroom or a closet. Use sliding barn doors to cover your mud or laundry room. These sliding elements are easy to decorate, and you only use them when necessary. They can be painted to blend in, or made to stand out. It is totally up to you. However, their ability to appear floating is what brings about the modern, simple aspect of their aesthetic.

No matter what it is you want to bring into your custom home build or renovation, it can be done when you trust your Huntsville custom home builder. Bring them your ideas and tell them you want to know how to make it a reality. If you have ideas you want to explore, but are not already working with a custom home builder in Huntsville, call us! We can help!

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