Modern country home design has become a popular interior designing option nowadays. The home decor represents a more slick and sleek update of the country design style, as well as an eclectic mixture of different styles such as vintage, Hamptons, and industrial style.

Modern country home design is not completely modern. The style represents a blend of traditional country style and modern home design. With a modern country home design, you will get a more natural and relaxed look as compared to traditional modern design.

Here, you will learn about some tips and tricks to create a country rustic appeal throughout your home.

1. Use the Country Home Colors

Modern country home style features natural rich tones that give a rural identity to a house. Home furnishings must be contrasted with textured artifacts and elements to give a rustic look to the house. Wood color on the mantelpiece can also give a rustic, country look to the house.

Deep teal blue, mustard yellow, coral, chalky blush pink, and charcoal are also popular color options that can give a modern country look to a house. Introducing these colors can give a modern, yet rustic appearance to the house. You can also select shades of these colors to create the desired effect.

2. Go for Rustic Architectural Features

A stone fireplace can give your house a modern rustic appearance. You should select a stone fireplace instead of slate or tile to maintain a country look. A natural stone fireplace in the dining room is a must-have that can complement other rustic, country features such as wooden table and benches and plank ceiling.

Black and white floor and wood shutters are other architectural elements that can give a country look to the house. In addition, millwork above the doorway and built-in wooden or stone benches are features of a country style design.

3. Consider Rough Organic Textures

Rough surfaces are an important element of a rustic country home design. Most people tend to cover up imperfections by painting the walls to give a smooth appearance. To give a rustic appearance to rooms, you need to reveal the natural texture of the building material.

Exposed brick or bare plaster can create an appealing rustic look inside. You should also consider polished concrete for walls and worktops.

In addition, you should consider using recycled wood for walls in the kitchen. Soft textiles such as wool, linen, and sheepskin can also add layers of rustic visual interest to a home.

4. Use Recycled Building Materials

The use of recycled building materials has become popular. Using recycled material makes sense not just from an environmental standpoint but also giving a rustic, country look to a modern home.

You should select recycled building materials that have marks of wear and tear. Moreover, you should consider adapting non-domestic items such as machinist workbench or pigeonhole drawers can become a quirky and country-style home furnishing.

Final Remarks

Modern country style is defined by natural colors, rustic surface, and wooden furniture. You have lots of room for the customization of a country home design. By following the above-mentioned tips, you will get the comfy, homely charm of a country house that looks modern and up-to-date.

You get an eclectic mixture of different designs when you go for a country home design. The rustic appearance and furnishing will create a unique charm. You should complement the wooden furniture with natural rustic brown tones to give a country home appearance. A traditional lamp or contemporary fabric pattern can also give a vintage and country look to a house.


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