If you want to have a new home custom built, it is important that you find the right custom home builder to do the job. Finding the right contractor or company is going to be what makes or breaks your experience. By taking the time to talk with the custom home builders before you hire them, you get to know a lot about them, the company, and what they have to offer. Here are some of the most important questions that you could ask custom builders before you decide to take your building plans to the next step.

Licensing and Insurance Are Important Questions

It is incredibly important that you go through and figure out what type of licenses and insurance the builder has. You want a builder that is licensed in the area, and ideally, more than just your area. If you can find one that is licensed in more than one state, that tells you a lot about the company right there. It is easier to get a single license than it is to get many, so go with ones that have many when you have that option.

Insurance is also an important point to consider, as you want the contractor to be able to cover any problems that may come up. The insurance should include liability and workman’s compensation. This covers any problems with the house during construction, covers finishing the house in most cases if a problem comes up with the company, and also helps cover the people building your home if an accident were to occur.

Examples Are Also Important When Considering Custom Home Builders

You want to make sure to ask about examples of previous work when talking with custom home builders. Some may have a model home available for you to walk through, while others may have photos and/or videos of homes they have completed in the past. Use these examples to determine the type of workmanship you can expect of the finished product. Then, you can decide if these builders are going to be able to work with the visualization you have of what your dream house actually looks like.

Warranties Should Have Lists of What Fixes Are Covered, and What Fixes Are Not

When speaking with a custom home builder, you need to make sure you ask about your warranty if you went with them. Most companies can give you the type of warranty the items in the house will have nearly off the top of their heads. Plus, there should also be a warranty that covers their work for a specified amount of time. Make sure they also give you a list of what is not covered under the warranty specifically, and why those things are not covered. That way, you know before getting the process started.

How Communication Will Happen is a Big Question

Asking how the builder is going to communicate with you, and how you should communicate back, are huge questions that need specific answers. Ideally, you want to hear that you can come to them at any time, and they will do the same, should there be anything that needs to be addressed. This can include cost changes, problems with the layout, issues with the home as it is being built, changes in design, or even delays. If you can, set up a time to meet a few days a week, even if all you do is check in to make sure all is going according to plan.

Once you have answers to these questions, you can feel much better about the custom home builder you have opted to go with. If you don’t like the answers you get, move on to a more reputable company that you feel safe hiring.

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