custom built homeHaving a Huntsville custom home built is not only exciting, but it means you have a chance to do anything you’d like to the home. You can make it look and feel how you want, you can change every aspect inside it and it is a great time to explore a bit of your creative side.

When planning how the home is going to be built, it is important to consider how you can make the home better for entertaining. It needs to appease visitors when they come in, be welcoming and also be able to provide enough space and entertaining properties to let everyone enjoy your new home. Here are some great tips for the build that you’re having done to make your new home really stand out while entertaining for your guests.

Open Floor Plan

Enjoy a large, open floor plan that gives everyone space to mingle and talk with each other. Having a kitchen that opens into the dining room, then into the living space without doors, doorways, or boundaries, provides the ideal space for dining.

It also means you have more space to add more visitors to that ever-growing guest list!

Open floor plans are becoming the new modern floor plan for many people looking to build or buy a home. They want something that allows in more light, but also doesn’t put boundaries on the rooms or clearly divide them. 

Patios are Great

Patios are ideal for entertaining outside. If you’d like to have a space for people to gather, add an outdoor living space right off the side of the patio. You can place furniture out there, perhaps add a pool and some other items that make this your backyard oasis. Placing the right awning or covering over the patio can also help during those light rainstorms.

Entertainment Room

Bring your guests into a large room that was built for entertaining. You can have space for pool or foosball tables, a large television area and even a built in bar. This provides everything that is needed for entertaining. A lot of people choose to do this space down in a finished basement portion of the home. It allows them to have a large open space to work with.

If you live in an area where basements are not ideal, you also have the option of adding a large space off to the side of the home or even turning a garage space into something like this. 

Florida Room

Having a large enclosed porch or Florida room off the back or side of the home is going to help a lot with entertaining guests. This is a comfortable room where everyone can sit back, relax and talk. If the weather is not ideal outside, it also provides protection from the elements. People enjoy these rooms because you can have the fresh air, but not have to worry about the rain. Play card games at a table, have coffee or cocktails in this space. 

Build Your Huntsville Custom Home Today

If you’re ready to get started on the build of your Huntsville custom home, then make sure to speak with professional builders that can help you every step of the way. You do not have to do this alone and they can make those plans become a reality. With a little help from their software, you can see what your ideas look like.

Enjoy all that comes from having a custom home built in Huntsville when you choose professional home builders that work with you to make that dream home happen. Give them a call today to get started!


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