open floor plan design

Open floor plans consist of one large room that serves multiple functions. The room combines the kitchen, living area, and dining room creating a shared space. An experienced Huntsville custom home builder will help you select the best open floor design.

You should consider an open floor plan if you own a small house. The floor design gives an expansive look to the house with less square footage. You have greater flexibility to design and integrate rooms in an open floor plan.

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of an open floor plan.

Advantages of an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans create an expansive look. There are no walls between the kitchen, living, and dining. The floor plan makes it easier for you to socialize as you can cook and clean while talking to the guest. Your guests will feel comfortable watching the big game on TV or listening to music while you prepare the food.

One of the biggest benefits of an open floor plan is that it allows a lot of natural light. The natural room entering from the windows can fill the entire room. This reduces the need for artificial light thereby reducing energy bills.

An open floor plan is also ideal if you have little children inside the house. It will allow you to keep an eye on the kids. You won’t have to run back and forth as you prepare the dinner. You can glance across the room as you are doing house chores to ensure that the kids are safe.

Lastly, open floor design results in less congestion. You won’t have to navigate through tight corners and doorways. The open floor results in a seamless transition from one space to another. This is ideal if you have a large family since it results in a lot less hectic environment for everyone.

Disadvantages of an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are not without certain disadvantages. One of the main concerns of an open floor plan is heating and cooling. Space is larger so more cooling or heating is required, which leads to higher energy bills.

Another concern with open floor plans is to smoke and smell from the kitchen permeating the entire room. This can create an uncomfortable feeling for the guests.

Lack of privacy is yet another concern. Households with people of varied ages have different schedules. Some tend to have a late morning breakfast than others. With a closed floor plan, the early risers can comfortably watch the TV without being distracted by someone munching on food nearby.

An open floor plan also requires greater upkeep as compared to a closed floor plan. The common areas are open all the time. This means that you have to do the vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting more frequently.

Moreover, fewer walls result in less ability to absorb noise. This means more noise in the common area as compared to a closed floor plan.

Final Remarks

Open floor plans can make a small home feel larger. Removing the walls creates a sense of spaciousness. The open floor design allows more natural light. This not only creates a pleasant ambiance but also reduce energy costs.

You should consider your own needs when selecting a floor plan. Consider whether you prefer a cozy or quiet room. Also, consider whether you prefer enjoying guests as you prepare the meal or prepare food in privacy.

You should contact a professional custom home builder in Huntsville. An expert custom home builder will help you select the best design option based on your budget and preferences.


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