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Having the perfect kitchen is the dream of many who design custom Huntsville homes. They want a kitchen that not only works for the day to day aspects of life, but also works for entertaining and the holidays. Part of many custom kitchens is a custom island that adds more functionality to the kitchen itself. Here are a few things you may want to consider when you sit down with your Huntsville custom home builders to design that one-of-a-kind custom kitchen island.

What Items Do You Want On Your Kitchen Island?

What exactly do you plan to do with your custom kitchen island? If all you plan to do is prepare food and set things on it, then you do not need a large island. Instead, you simply need a box cupboard and a counter on top. However, if you have other plans for the island, you need to figure them out now. Consider preparing food on that island. Will you need running water to clean up the food you are preparing, or will you have a nearby kitchen sink that makes it unnecessary?

You should also consider if you need to have your cooktop on your island. Some people remove the stove/oven from outside of the room and put it on the island to give them more versatility in the room. This may be what you want when all is said and done. If that is the case, you need to factor in where in the kitchen you want the cooktop so that you can adjust the island accordingly. You may need to run water or electricity over to where you plan to put the island if you want either of these attached to the island itself.

How Many People Will Be Using Your Kitchen Island?

If you or one other person are the only two people who will be using the kitchen island, then a small island is typically all your kitchen will need. However, if you plan on using it for other family members or for entertaining, then you want to up the size you have set aside for your kitchen island. Consider if your island will have seating. If so, then you need to include enough room for the overhang plus the stools that go beneath the island countertop. Figure out if only one person will be using the island for food preparation at a time or if it will need to fit multiple people. This will help determine the size of the island, too.

Looking at the Island Itself

You also need to consider what the island is going to look like from an aesthetic point of view. What type of countertops do you want to use? Is it best to match the counters you have in the rest of the kitchen, or should you do something like a butcherblock which is easier when it comes to food preparation? Do you want storage that is shelved around the base of the island, or would you prefer the island be contained so you can store pots and pans inside of it? Will your island house appliances, such as a dishwasher, to make it easier to use your kitchen? All of these will have some type of determination on how your custom kitchen island will look when complete.

Make sure when you sit down with your Huntsville custom home builder, you tell them what you truly want out of your kitchen. The more detail you can give them now, the more likely they are to design an island that will give you what you need for many years to come.

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