custom home front walkwayAre you in the process of building a custom Huntsville home? Then you want the entire home to show off who you are and what you are all about. By giving yourself the permission to use non-traditional materials within the custom build you have going, you give yourself freedom to express who you are. There are some amazing materials out there to consider that may help your house feel more like a home. Here are a few materials that may speak volumes about who you are and help your home build express how much you put into the build.

Who Says Glass is Only for Windows?

Glass is typically only used in windows and sometimes showers. There are only a few people who still use glass in other parts of their home. However, this versatile material can give you a wide range of looks. You can go with clear glass to keep rooms feeling open, or you can go with frosted glass if you want a bit more privacy. What about glass walls made with glass blocks? They are a great way to divide up a large room without making it feel closed off, since they are not bulky. If you want to give your room a different feel, consider adding glass to give you light and flow while still keeping rooms individualized.

Would Reclaimed Wood Say a Lot About Your Style?

Reclaimed wood is a great option for those who like the look of natural wood. This wood comes from old buildings, sometimes even barns, that are no longer able to stand on their own. People go through and remove that old wood, and finish it up. Then, they put it into modern houses to give the houses a more traditional, old-world look and feel. This type of wood makes for great focal points in large rooms, doors on closets and in kitchens, plus even sliding doors that can be used in place of curtains over the windows. Use your imagination on how you would like to add some reclaimed wood into your custom Huntsville home.

Cement is Not Just for the Basement or Garage

Many people overlook cement as a building material unless they are thinking about a poured foundation or a garage slab. However, it is a great material to use all around the home. It makes for an amazing and durable counter in the kitchen or the bath. Plus, it can also be a great way of creating a custom shower with a spa-feel since you will not have to worry about slipping when it gets wet. It can be finished off with many different feels, plus it can be tinted a wide array of colors. This may be one you want to look into if you want a truly custom home.

Natural Stones Can Work in Any Room of Your Home

A lot of people use natural stones in their bathroom, sometimes even on the floors of their homes. However, why does natural stone need to stop there? Use it as patio pavers, set up a waterfall in your shower using them, take larger, flat stones and create shelves, or anything you can think of. You do not have to stick with the traditional roles for stones. Think outside the norm, and create the home of your dreams!

For more tips on what materials to pick, give us a call. We are premier Huntsville custom home builders, and we have experience in a wide range of materials that can give your home that unique feel you have been searching for. Let us work with you to help your custom home come to life and look exactly the way you envisioned it in your dreams.

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