2018 custom homesThe types of homes that people live in change constantly. Each year, new trends come out that change up what builders have to be able to provide their customers if they want to remain relevant. For 2018, that is no different. There are certain expectations that come with being a top Huntsville custom home builder we need to keep up with. Here are some of the trends we expect to see during this upcoming year.

Colorful Additions

Whether you are having a whole new home customized as it is built, or simply adding on a new addition, color is the expectation that comes with 2018. Bright, bold, beautiful colors are going to be showing up in all aspects of custom home building. From the color of the siding, to the paint on the walls, expect to see all shades of color in homes across the country.

Concrete is for More Than Just Foundations

One of the best trends starting to show up is concrete. This may sound odd, but it is showing up in many unexpected places. Most people think of driveways, sidewalks, and foundations when they think of concrete, but it has so many more uses. You can have concrete floors anywhere in your home that will last far longer than any other type of flooring. You can also have concrete roofing tiles. Plus, concrete walls give you the most organic feel and look to them out of any material out there. If you want to be trendy, but also have a home that is going to last, this is one trend you may want to give some serious thought to.

Bright Tiles Make a Comeback

For years, the natural colors of stones and different types of tiles were all the rage. Now, it is time for bright tile colors to come back around. If you are having a kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation, don’t shy away from adding a bright, sunny yellow tile to make the room shine. You can opt for blues, purples, oranges, or even reds as a perfect accent color in either of these rooms with ease. Just make sure you pick a color that will make you happy to see every day.

Floors Are Lightening Up

For many years, the rich reds and mahoganies were all people wanted installed in their homes. During 2018, however, we expect to see that color palette lightening up quite a bit. Most people who are having custom homes built right now are going for lighter colors to add lift and light to each room. So, if you want new, trendy floors, go with whitewashed wood floors or light color options like birch.

Natural Accents

One thing that is showing up in more custom homes than ever before is accents that reflect Mother Nature. This may include anything from wood floors to exposed beams across ceilings. Walls that have natural appeal and stones in the sinks and tubs of custom bathrooms are also showing up regularly. In both the building and the decorating aspects of things, nature is making its place known. So, during your custom home build or renovation, add in any aspect of nature you feel most connected to.

If you want more information about any of these trends, or others that may not be listed here, give us a call. We love being able to make the dreams of our customers come true. The more input we get from the people we build homes for, the more perfectly suited that home gets to be once it is built. Reach out to us today, and let us help you set up the perfect home for you.

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