Are you thinking about updating your kitchen? Do you want to make the kitchen an attractive dining retreat inside the house? If so, you will find the tips from Huntsville Custom Homes experts here invaluable for your kitchen renovation project.

A renovation project should not be taken lightly. And this is particularly true for the kitchen. Generally, the renovation of the kitchen is costly. Any mistake during the renovation project can turn out to be costly in the long run.

1. Create a Unified Backdrop for Visual Appeal

You can create a unified backdrop in the kitchen by using bold blue on the walls. Simple bold colors can highlight marble accessories enhancing the visual appeal of the kitchen. Also, consider using grey grout around the tiles for a bistro look.

2. Give a Vintage Look to the Kitchen

If you are not on a tight budget, you should also consider adding wire shelves and chalkboard wall to enhance utilitarian functionality without sacrificing the look. In addition, you can add a subway clock, rug, and wooden chopping boards to create a vintage look to the kitchen.

2. Smart Kitchen Design

Smart kitchen has become the buzzword ever since the advent of advanced technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), smart sensors, and other devices.

Smart devices and sensors can make the kitchen appear futuristic and also add convenience for the homeowners. You can design the kitchen for integration with smart technologies such as motion sensing handwash, internet connected refrigerators, and smart lighting controlled with mobile devices.

3. Go for Wider Walkways

Make sure that the walkways in the cooking area should be about 36 inches for a single cook and 42 inches for two. The kitchen islands and peninsulas should be adjusted accordingly. For the rest of the area, the walkways should be at least 30 inches wide.

You should account for dishwasher and refrigerators doors as well. They should not create a roadblock when open. The solution to the problem is a design with two pathways or wider pathways in the kitchen.

4. Create a Functional Triangle

Design experts recommend creating a functional triangle. This refers to an arrangement where the space between the fridge, sink, and oven create an equilateral triangle. A functional triangle will make it easy to move between the three most frequented place in the kitchen when cooking.

5. Surface Mount Lighting

Lighting should be given special consideration during a kitchen renovation. Instead of recessed lighting, you should go for surface-mount light fixtures. You will get more lighting with the fixtures where the bulb is below the ceiling’s height. The fixture will also increase the appeal of the kitchen.

A surface-mount light fixture will also allow light to illuminate the underside of the cabinets. Light from recessed lighting gets blocked by the cabinets. With a surface-mount or hanging light fixture, every part of the kitchen area will be illuminated.

6. Ensure Adequate Landing Space

The space on each side of a cooktop is known as the ‘landing space’. To make it easier to handle heavy or hot pots and pans, the landing space should be at least 15 inches wide on each side.

And don’t overlook the landing spaces near the microwave for convenience in meal preparation in the kitchen.

You need to have a solid plan for the renovation of your kitchen. This is important to ensure that the project goes smoothly and exactly as you envisioned. You should keep the above tips in mind to ensure that everything is done correctly from the start until the completion of the project.

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