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Today’s generation looks up to celebrities for a number of reasons. The fame, attention, exposure, travel, and exotic things they get to own serve as an inspiration to many. The thing that stands apart in all of this is definitely their mesmerizing abodes. Sitting in some of the most exotic locations on the planet, these multi-million dollar mansions are awe-inspiring. Ranging anywhere from $10 million to hundreds of millions of dollars, these luxurious houses offer almost every luxury that a person can dream about. Now, while some of these features may be impossible for common people to copy, there are several that can be.

Anyone building a custom home to serve as their dream castle can take inspiration from the following features that celebrities love to have in their homes:

1.    Stunning Fireplaces

Beginning with an idea for a place to relax, fire pits, and artificial fireplaces are almost constant features in every celebrity home. Artists like Patrick Dempsey, Celine Dion, and Hillary Swank all have fabulous fire pits in their backyards. These sitting areas are almost other-worldly but more importantly, they are easy to replicate. Artificial fireplaces or even fire pits can be created in any backyard that has substantial space. Depending on the available area there can be a number of designs that you can choose from. Huntsville custom homes can incorporate fireplaces and fire pits on their premises to serve as a beautiful spot for the family to sit together and enjoy life like a Hollywood A-lister.

2.    Wine Rooms and Home Bars

If you’re the type of person who has an affinity for drinking, these features are just for you. It is not necessary to go extravagant with these features. They can be recreated on a small scale with a small island and two chairs to form a bar. A small cellar or basement space can serve as a wine room. All that would be needed will be to customize the interior to give that vintage feel. While a home bar is a part of almost every celebrity house with notable names like John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, wine rooms are limited to only a few people who have the taste. To name a few, these include Oprah, Ashton Kutcher and Kevin James.

3.    A Strong Closet Game

With the amount of designer apparel that comes their way, closets are an essential part of every celebrity home. However, the notable elements that you can recreate in your home include a room, portion or shelf dedicated to shoes, a walk-in closet with an island or simply a closet inspired by Christian Grey’s penthouse apartment. All these ideas are minimalistic and not very expensive to recreate. The only requirement is a Huntsville custom home professional and their skills in effectively executing the project. Just so you know, the list of celebrities who hold their clothes and shoes dear include Kendall Jenner, Peyton Manning, Paris Hilton, and Victoria Beckham.

A custom home is your chance at creating the perfect place that you’ve always dreamt of living in. A lot of these inspirations come from movies or real tours of incredible celebrity houses. While some of us might believe that only the super rich can afford these features, this is simply not true. You can easily build the above-listed features and numerous others in your Huntsville custom home for much less than a fortune.

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