Designing your own home gives you the ultimate control over how things get done. One area that you should consider in your next Huntsville custom home project is a green home design.

Every one of us has the responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. By going green on your next home renovation project, you can feel great knowing that you are fulfilling your responsibility.

To jump start your custom home project, we have compiled a list of seven green home design ideas that are trending in 2019.

1. Make the Most of Natural Light

If you live in a cold climate, you should consider building large windows. This will reduce the need to rely on your heater to stay warm during the day.

To maximize the light that enters the room, you shouldn’t install blinds and heavy curtains. Do make sure that the windows are properly sealed and caulked so that no heat escapes through the window.

2. Add Lots of Plants

Plants add to the beauty of a house, and they also improve your indoor air quality. You should consider making room for a couple of plants in each of the rooms. They can act as decorative pieces that greatly improving the ambiance of your home.

3. Pick the Right Color for Exterior Walls

To ensure maximum energy efficiency, you should select the right color for exterior walls. If you live in a city with a cold climate, you should go for dark colors on the exterior walls. Dark colors absorb heat. With this color on the exterior walls, your home will absorb maximum radiant energy from the sun.

On the other hand, light colors are recommended for homes situated in warmer climates because these colors reflect heat. This means that your house won’t get unbearably hot when you paint the outside walls white.

4. Use Eco-Friendly Products

Make sure that you use green-seal certified products such as paints, adhesives, thinners, and other materials in your custom home project.

Avoid products that contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) because they contain chemicals that evaporate, causing different health issues. They can also be bad for the environment.

In addition, you should avoid products that contain formaldehyde. The chemical is used to preserve furniture and wood products. Other products that you should avoid include water-based stains, low-VOC, and finishes.

5. Select the Right Type of Flooring

You should avoid vinyl flooring since vinyl is made of harmful products. The flooring material contains plastic that is harmful to the environment when disposed of.

Instead, you should consider flooring made of natural materials. The best flooring for an eco-friendly house includes stone, linoleum, or cork. These materials also increase your home’s visual appeal as well as resale value.

6. Consider Cedar Plank Siding

A cedar plank siding is resistant to both water and pests. The material is also low-maintenance and durable. You won’t have to repaint the walls frequently. In addition, the beautiful grey patina looks pleasant.

7. Ensure Proper Insulation

You should focus on maximum thermal efficiency when building your home. Consider installing double glazed windows as they have great insulation properties.

Also, you should think about installing a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system to maximize energy efficiency. An MVHR will warm fresh air with the heat of the expelled air.

The above-mentioned green home design ideas can help you to lessen your footprint from the ecosystem. Make sure that you contact an experienced Huntsville custom homes company for your green home design project.

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