Having your Huntsville home custom built for your needs, means you can adjust each room to be exactly what you need it to be. Each room can be set up to maximize efficiency, and you can make sure you can put all of your valuables out of sight. If you are getting a home custom built, make sure you have your protection solutions put in prior to starting the project. That way, you can be sure that everything in your home always has a place to be safely stored.

hidden storageConsider Unusual Locations for Putting Your Valuables

Pocket doors were very common years ago, and are only starting to make a mainstream comeback. If you want to take advantage of this resurgence, then you may want to use this idea for storing your valuables. Instead of having pocket doors that slide out of the way, try having pocket shelves that slide into the wall. The wall next to your fridge may be the perfect place to envision this. Have a shelving unit that slides in and out located next to your fridge. That way, when you grab your dinner items, you can pull out the shelves and grab your pantry items, too! Now, take this concept and put it into other places of your home. Use a pocket shelf in the den or living room to store your valuables that you want up and away from little fingers that may break your treasured items.

Steps Create the Perfect Valuable Storage Option

There are always places to put your stuff in your home, but not everything is going to fit. For example, you could add a bunch of bookshelves for storage, but that could leave your valuables out and exposed. Instead, consider an alternative. Ask your Huntsville custom home builder if it would be possible to set up a pedestal to put your bed on. The size of a standard step is plenty, or you can go slightly less, if you prefer. Then, ask that sliding drawers be built into that pedestal. You can store valuables that you do not want to leave out in those drawers. You can then have them set up so they are nearly invisible and only you know about them. Go here to see what we mean.

You can also do the same thing with a tread of your stairs. Most custom homes have at least one staircase in them. Ask your Huntsville custom home builder to create one false tread during the build. Then, add a box into that step and use that to store things that you want kept out of sight. All you need is a hinge to be able to lift the tread out of the way when you need to access what is inside, and you will be good to go. This is a great way to hide valuable items that you need to grab at a moment’s notice, such as your checkbook or passport. This is even a good place to put your wallet and keys when you get home so they are not out in the open.

It does not matter if you are hiding valuables to keep your home safe, or if you simply want little hands off of expensive treasures within the house, valuable storage is a must. You need to know that you can place those items in a location that will not attract attention. Kids can be just as sneaky as those who break in, if they really want to get to something they see as a toy. Protect the items you treasure by simply storing them in plain sight, with the help of experienced Huntsville custom home builders.

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