Everyone wants their backyard to look the best, but not everyone wants to spend a fortune doing so. Fortunately, there are many design options that will allow you to turn your dull and dreary backyard into an exciting escapade for resting and having fun.

Here are some great tips from expert Huntsville custom home builder that will allow you to turn your backyard into an exciting place without breaking the bank.

1. Install a Fire Pit

If you live in a cold area, you should consider installing a fire pit in your backyard. Fire pits are available for both small and large areas. Adding a fire pit will make the backyard more comfy and cozy. For small areas, you can buy tabletop fire pits.

You have the option of buying portable and permanent fire pits. Portable fire pits can be moved around as required. Permanent fire pits don’t offer the same as flexibility similar the portable ones. They act as part of your home decor adding to the overall appeal of the house.

2. Go for a Natural Hardscape

If you want to give a lush, green appearance to your backyard, you should ask your custom home builder for natural hardscapes in your backyard. There are many design options, including paver patios, stacked stone retaining walls, stairs, and meandering pathways.

Consider accenting the backyard with natural flowers and plants to give a lush green look to the backyard. You can also add shrubbery to create a backyard oasis.

3. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Do you like BBQs in your backyard? You should consider creating an outdoor kitchen with red bricks and green tiles. Create a space for the grill and accessories. You can also have a Huntsville custom homes builder add marble countertop outside, along with cabinets and washbasin.

4. Have a Dining Area in Your Backyard

Why dine inside a cramped house when you can dine outside in a lush green landscape? You can create an outdoor dining area in your backyard. Consider placing comfy chairs and dining tables outside. You can add a touch of extra appeal by placing decorative lighting such as a lamp shaped like a candle on the dining table.

5. Design a Hangout for the Kids

If you have kids, you should consider turning your backyard into a children’s play area. You have many options to create a kids’ hangout. You can install swings, slides, and see-saw if you have a big backyard.

For the kids’ play area, you should focus on pops of color. Consider installing colorful lanterns in your backyard. You can also install some kids’ decoration items in the backyard.

6. Install Water Fountain

A water fountain is also a great design idea for the backyard. You can have the fountain placed on raised surfaces with pebbles. The sound of the water fountain will calm every nerve in your body, making your backyard a relaxing escapade.

7. Build a Home Farm

Do you like organic good? If yes, then you should consider converting your backyard into a farm for growing organic food produce. You can grow organic vegetables in raised boxes. Consider building a small storage area for storing garden appliances and seeds.

8. Extend the Living Space with Decks

You can extend the indoor living space of your house by installing decks in the backyard. You can place sofas, dining table, and TV on the enclosed deck. Moreover, you can place gym equipment on the enclosed deck. You don’t have to worry about rain ruining your expensive gym equipment. This is a great option to make the house feel larger and increase its resale value.

Always contact experienced custom home builders in Huntsville. An experienced contractor will help you turn your vision about the backyard into a reality.


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