custom porchWhen talking with a Huntsville custom home designer, it is important that you think about how you plan to use your home in the future. Right now, you may want to keep quiet and relax at home, but will that be the same a few years from now? If you have kids in the future, will more entertaining be a part of your future life? There are many things that may change down the line. One area of your home you may want to consider adding to is your porch. By adding a new porch to your Huntsville home, you can increase the space of your home for entertaining, no matter if you are just having a quiet evening with your family, or a whole house full of guests.

Why You May Want a New Porch Added to Your Huntsville Home

Custom wrap around porches look amazing on most Huntsville homes. Plus, they offer many benefits that can enhance your life while in your home. Do you like to spend time outdoors? If so, then a wrap around style porch would be perfect for you. Here are some of the amazing benefits you can get when you customize this part of your home.

First, it adds to the overall value of your home. Not only will your home appraise for more when you add on a large porch, it will also sell for more. This is a great selling point, since so many people enjoy relaxing with the fresh air that a porch provides.

Second, it expands the area you have to entertain in. When the weather is nice and you have guests over, you can use your backyard. However, the weather is not always cooperative when you have outdoor plans. If you have a covered porch, then you have nothing to fear. All you have to do is put the party under the awning and you are good to go.

Third, it expands the living space of your home. Instead of always congregating in the kitchen or living room, you now have the ability to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Add a swing, and you can relax outdoors all day. This means that you do not need to heat or cool your house as much, since you will not be inside to be too warm or too cool.

Fourth, you can keep it enclosed if necessary. Some people love being outdoors, but they have allergies to things like insects. If this is the case for someone in your family, then a porch is the perfect solution. All you have to do is enclose your wrap around porch and your family member can enjoy the perfect temperature outside without the fear of getting stung.

Finally, wrap around porches give your home a classic appeal. In a day and age where modern is what we see most, some things are purely nostalgic and classic. Few things bring about this feeling better than a wrap around porch to customize your Huntsville home. If you long for the days of simpler times where there were no smartphones or constant barrages of chaos in our lives, then consider adding this peaceful, classic addition to your home.

We Can Help You Design the Porch of Your Dreams

If you want to add a porch to your home, or even have it built into your new home, then contact us. We are one of the top Huntsville custom home builders for a reason. We can take your existing home, or existing blueprints, and help create a porch that you will look forward to using all year long.

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