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Are you building a Huntsville custom home? If so, then you undoubtedly want to make sure that the master suite is customized for your specific wants and needs. There are many things that make a master suite so luxurious and important. You need to consider these different things now, while planning out your custom home. That way, when you move in, you have the sanctuary you have always wanted.

First, Think About Location

You may want to have your master suite on the same side of your Huntsville custom home as the rest of the bedrooms for safety. That way, no matter what your children are doing, they are nearby and you can hear that they are safe. On the contrary, you may want isolation and seclusion for your master suite. This gives you more of the sanctuary feel you were going for. If you have older children, or you have a currently empty nest, this isolation may be exactly what you desire most. Consider how much involvement you want in and around your bedroom before you decide on its final location.

Next, Consider the Necessary Amenities

Some people want a huge bedroom, while others could not have a luxury master suite if it did not have a closet so large they could almost live in it. Others want their own personal spa-like master bath. No matter what it is you are hoping to get, now is the time to build it in. Think not only about what you need, but also what would make the space ideal for you. Then, talk with your Huntsville custom home builders and find out what can be done to incorporate those things into the house.

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What Is It You Are Going to Use Your Master Suite for Most, Aside from Sleeping?

Is the only time you are going to be in your room when you clean it, shower, and sleep? Then you need far less in terms of space in your master suite than someone who is going to use it regularly for watching television or movies, use it as a sitting space for morning coffee, and possibly even using it as a private office space for the occasional work correspondence. Consider what you will be doing in that room, and build the space up accordingly.

Finally, Consider the Surfaces of Your Custom Master Suite

The surfaces of your room are going to make or break how luxurious your custom master suite feels to you. You need to think about what materials feel like luxury to you. Do you prefer wood, metal, or silk? The answer to questions like that are going to make some of the decisions on what you want in your space. You need to think about the colors of the materials you choose, as well. You want the room to feel luxurious to your standards, so figure out what that means. If you are not sure, ask what options you have from your Huntsville custom home builder. They can ask you about things like what wall materials to use (wood, drywall, cement, etc.), what flooring options you have (carpet, tile, wood, etc.), and even things like what type of lighting is going to make the space for you. Each of these questions will help you figure out how to create the space of your dreams.

For more ideas on how to create the custom master suite that is perfect for you, give us a call. We know how to help create custom Huntsville houses from the inside, out, and can help guide you through the process.

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