If there is one thing that always keeps changing, it’s home design trends. Every year, we see new design trends that make the previous year’s trends look outdated.

Here we have compiled a list of nine interior design trends that are recommended by design experts at Huntsville Custom Homes.

1. In: Minimalistic Design | Out: Clutter

Interior design experts are recommending the ‘less is more’ mantra when it comes to a house’s interior design. A purposeful and strategic interior design is the key aspect of a sustainable project. Timeless quality materials that evoke emotions are being preferred instead of a lot of cheap alternatives.

Every home design project should have a purpose – improved appeal and increased energy efficiency and sustainability. These are the common interior design themes that are popular today.

2. In: Natural Setting | Out: Artificial Stereotyped Haven

Another interior design trend that is in these days is biophilia. A lot of interior designers are going for designs that create the link between humans and natural objects. They are using organic materials like stone, plants, wood, and daylight to give a more natural look to the house.

Also, interior designers are going for natural color patterns. Any color and pattern that evokes gender insecurities like girl or macho colors, textures, or shapes are out. Instead, neutral colors like off-white, green, and blue are becoming trendy.

3. In: Artistic Fixtures | Out: Plain Walls

Many designers are these days recommending artistic fixtures to create a bold statement. Artisan fixtures can be used to personalize the home. They can help shift the focus from the virtual electronic world to the immediate surroundings.

4. In: Velvet Covering | Out: Cotton Furnishing

A lot of designers are also recommending Velvet instead of cotton for furniture fabric. Velvet gives a luxurious look to the house. Leading designers are recommending velvet sofas and bed coverings and replace cotton fabric for furniture.

5. In: Copper Accents | Out: Rose Gold

In 2018, rose gold was the most common decor trend. However, in 2019, we are seeing more copper accents and less rose gold. The earthly hue of copper accents provides a welcome break from the rose gold that we have become accustomed to see inside homes.

6: In: Rich Color Tones | Out: Mute Grey Tones

Designers are also going for artistic rich color tones replacing the minimalistic grey tones. Dark teal, bold indigo, and emerald green can spruce up the rooms. Create drama by layering rooms with fabric accessories, rugs, and architectural pieces.

Designers believe that 2019 will be a year of rich color palettes. Richer tones can make the rooms dramatic. Consider bold yellows, exciting reds, and organic greens to make the room lively.

7. In: Sustainable Construction | Out: Environmentally Harmful Materials

More and more homeowners are preferring sustainability over appeal. They prefer environmentally friendly, sustainable material for the construction. This includes re-used materials salvaged from another home construction project.

8. In: Textured Walls | Out: Muted Walls

A lot of people are going for textured walls this year. These walls add contrast and appeal to a room. Textured walls will make the room appear more interesting. You can create a ‘wow’ effect at a fraction of a cost with textured walls.

9. In: Maximalist Art | Out: Minimalistic Art

The trend of Scandinavian minimum design that had been in for quite some while is finally declining. This trend is being replaced by artistic design with bright graphic patterns.

Consider having the entire wall covered by an artistic masterpiece. Also, you can add large scale artworks inside the house for the perfect appeal.

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